• Komo

    Web developer & gamer

    My first systems were the NES (first games: Super Mario Bros, Zelda II, Duck Hunt…) and the Super NES (first games: Megaman X, Zelda A Link to The Past…). I finished Earthbound and Final Fantasy Mystic Quest when I was 5 years old (in 1995).

    My favorite type of games are RPGs. I completed around 150 RPGs during the 90s and the early 2000s. The RPGs I like the most are Lufia II, the Fire Emblem series, Earthbound, Terranigma, the Suikoden series, the Ys series, the Wild ARMs series, Tengai Makyô Zero, the Tales of series, Final Fantasy Tactics

    During my spare time, I like to make websites, like this one.

  • Gustav

    Retro gamer

    I first started playing video games in 1986 with a Thomson T09. I owned one home, and we also had Thomson machines (MO5) in primary school in France. I did some programming in basic and played a few games. Then I got an Amiga 500 and an Atari STE in 1988. That was when I really got into video games.

    I used to read TILT, which was a French magazine about computers and video games. My favorite games were Pac-Mania, Double Dragon, Les voyageurs du temps, Operation Stealth, Tower of Babel, Shinobi, Skweek, Batman the Movie, Turrican, Rainbow Island

    Then in 1990, I got my first console system: the NES. That was the turning point for me: I have been a big fan of Japanese video games since.

    I bought a Super Nintendo, a PC Engine, and got into import and RPGs. 1991-1993 remains my favorite era. There were a lot of systems (NES, Master System, Super NES, Game Boy, PC Engine, Neo Geo…), import gaming became more common, and new French magazines such as Consoles+, Joypad, Super Power, or Nintendo Player appeared.

    It was a diversified era, filled with dreams and passion, for which I have a very soft spot.

  • Kate

    Gamer since 86.

    Lover of retro and modern gaming. Enjoys horror movies and photography. Sega fan girl since genesis. Resident evil fanatic.