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  • PC Engine

    PC Engine

    Awesome 8-bit system with a 16-bit video display controller developed by Hudson Soft and manufactured by NEC

  • Mega Drive

    Mega Drive

    The real first 16 bit console and Sega's most successful console even though the Super Famicom outsold it in Japan

  • Super Famicom

    Super Famicom

    Highly successful, best-selling 16 bit system with advanced graphics and sound capabilities for its time

  • Famicom


    Legendary 8-bit system that revolutionized the video games industry

  • Saturn


    Initially successful (in Japan) 32-Bit CD-ROM based system developed by Sega

  • Neo-Geo


    Unparalleled system in terms of raw power when it came out, the Neo Geo AES brought home the thrill of the arcade.

  • Arcade


    Coin-op games played an essential part in the history of video games.